Makers of fairy lamps

Samuel Clarke was a candle maker by trade.  He did not make any of the fairy lamps that are so sought after today. In stead, he commissioned many glass and pottery manufactures to make them for him.  While most of the fairy lamps and associated parts bear his registered trademark, many of the manufactures remain anonymous, with the exception of a few well known companies such as Thomas Webb, Royal Worcester, Taylor & Tunnicliffe, and Royal Burlslem.

The following links with take you to some on the fairy lamps commissioned by Clarke and a few US and Bohemian companies who made and marketed their own candle lamp ~ being very careful not to infringe of Clarke's patented design.

Royal Worcester

Royal Doulton

Thomas Webb & Sons


Hobbs Brockunier

F & C Osler

Taylor & Tunnicliff

Central Glass

Stevens & Williams

Greener and Company

George Davidson




Harrachov Glass Works


Gebruder von Streit

Edward Webb

Schreiber & Neffen

Boulton and Mills

Brockwitz Glassworks


H. G. Richardson