Fairy Lamp Reference Materials

The following books are — with exception of a few new books — are in used but in very good condition.  All of these reference materials are out of print and are increasing difficult to find.  

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Fairy Lamp Club Pin

This is a very nice enameled pin to wear to let others know of your interest in Fairy Lamps. It also makes a great gift for your fellow fairy lamp collector friends.  The pin is about 1" in diameter and has a push pin back.  Quantities are limited so order yours now.

$10 (Shipping to US included)

British Glass - 1800-1914 by Charles R Hajdamach., 2003

Produced as a reference for members of the Antique Collector's Club of Great Britain, this veritable encyclopedia of the 19th-century British glass industry far surpasses previous works dealing with this period. The wealth of detail about production processes, exhibitions, excise taxes, and other aspects of the glass industry is of particular interest. Hadjamach presents good biographical information on the glassmakers and a section on fakes, forgeries, and reproductions. The illustrations are numerous and excellent. Highly recommended for all collector of British glass. 466 pages. Excellent used condition.

$60 (shipping to US included)

Fairy Lamps - Elegance in Candle Lighting by Bob and Pat Ruf, 1996

Candle powered "fairy lamps" made Victorian and Edwardian homes glow with light, and make modern collectors glow with nostalgia. Over 800 lamps made from 1880 through the 1930s are shown in full color in this "must have" reference book. The lamps range from the simplest examples given out with boxes of candles to the most extravagant chandelier assemblages made for lords, rajahs, and royalty. As part of the fascinating history of lighting devices and fuels, this work draws upon many primary sources to trace the development of fairy lamps, and catalog examples that can be found on today's market. It provides an indispensable resource for collectors and dealers, of lighting devices, pottery, and art glass.   240 pages. 800 plus color photos. Excellent but used condition.

$55 (Shipping to US included)

Samuel Clarke's New Fairy Lights original catalog reprint by T. Robert Anthony

This is a rare reprint of Clarke's original Fairy Lamp and Cricklite 1887/88 and 1898 catalogs.

The condition is new and unused.

$45 (Shipping to US included)

19th Century Fairy Lamps by T. Robert Anthony. 1969

A spiral-bound reference with 18 color plates illustrating over 200 fairy lamps from Anthony's personal collection.  A very nice reference that is increasingly difficult to find. The condition is new and unused

$30 (Shipping to US included)

Fairy Lamps - Evenings Glow of Yesteryear by Amelia E. MacSwiggan. 1962

This early reference, while not as well illustrated as others, is filled with detailed information about fairy lamps and the companies that produced them.  The condition is good but used.

$25 (Shipping to US included)

Clarke's Fairy Lamps by Dorothy Tibbetts. 1951

This early reference, while not as well illustrated as others, is filled with detailed information about fairy lamps and the companies that produced them.  The condition is good but used.

$35 (Shipping to US included)

Fairy Lamp Club Newsletters and Undocumented Fairy Lamps - A Complete Collection on USB Flash Drive

A complete set of all the back issues (quarterly since November 1996) of the Fairy Lamp Club Newsletters in Adobe PDF format.  Each issue, except the first few, will contain approximately 12 pages of text and numerous photographs.  Also included on this CD is a complete Index of Articles contained in the newsletters. Newsletter issues 1 - 9 are in black and white.  The remaining issues are in full color.

In addition, there is a complete collection of Undocumented Fairy Lamps.  Each page  of Undocumented Fairy Lamps contains four photographs with detailed descriptions!  This collection of seldom seen fairy lamps is an excellent resource in of itself and is available only through the Fairy Lamp Club.  All the Undocumented Fairy Lamp pages are in color.

The advantages of having this fairy lamp resource on your computer is tremendous!  You will have all the newsletters available at your fingertips with fully searchable text.  That alone is worth the "price of admission."  

$45 (Shipping to US included)