Manufactured by Edward Webb
Design Registered Blumberg Limited Company

These fairy lamps (to use the term loosely) were registered by the Blumberg Company in March 9, 1886.

A recently discovered advertisement published in the Pottery Gazette on November 1, 1886 indicates they were manufactured by Edward Webb and known as Will-o-the-Wisp Illuminated Flower Bowls.

Advertisementy - Supplement to the Pottery Gazette, November 1, 1886

Many of these candle lamps are referred to as a Sombrero-type for apparent reasons. They originally had a flat fluted saucer with an intregral candle cup. The glass is "clear stamped" with the Blumberg diamond logo and the words - Blumberg Co. Limited - Rd 44546.

Clarke did not commission these lamps, but he may have commissioned the more typical dome-shaped fairy lamp shown on a clear Clarke lamp cup. This is the only example we have of a typical "fairy lamp". There may be others.

The Registered design was apparently related to the shape rather than to the glass type. In a couple of the examples, you can see the fluted saucer like base that allows for air to feed the candle. Without the base, the candle is likely not able to burn.

Pleated base with integral candle cup and typical clear stamped Blumberg trademark

Blumberg Rd 44546 - 1886

Chamber Night Lights