Schreiber & Neffen

"More than one hundred years ago the company was founded by Schreiber & Neffen of Vienna.  Today the glassworks' name, RONA, has direct historical links with the original name of the village in which it was founded.

The glass blowers' craftsmanship and resulting quality of the products allowed the factory to gain international recognition very quickly.  As a result, a majority of its production was exported.  Following are examples of candle lamps from their design books, many have never been seen.

These images were extracted from the on-linew Schreiber & Neffen design books at  Design book dates range from 1895 - 1915

The pair of candle lamp shades illustrated on the right were not found in the S&N design books.  However, there were several oil lamp shades with the same bulbous swirl and embossed design.  The similarities were too similar to ignore.

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