Daum Nancy Candle Lamps

Daum Glass: A short explanation: (Source:  www.glassencyclopedia.com/Daumglass.html)

The Daum family were originally lawyers, not glassmakers. Jean Daum, father of the famous Daum brothers family, took over a glassworks near Nancy, France, in 1878 as part payment of a debt. His son Auguste (who had been trained as a lawyer) joined him shortly afterwards, to help improve the business. More than a decade later, and some five years after their father had died, the younger brother Antonin (a newly trained engineer) joined him. It was their business and creative skills which made the "Verrerie de Nancy" a success.

The company originally specialised in watch glasses, window glass, and glassware for taverns. They branched out into tableware and exhibited some of their designs at the Paris Exhibition of 1889. Auguste and Antonin Daum were impressed and influenced by the art glass work of Emile Galle which they saw at this exhibition.

All Daum art glass was signed, the usual signature being 'Daum Nancy' with the cross of Lorraine incorporated somewhere. Daum glass was always a teamwork effort, and in the early years it was not usually ascribed to a particular artist. Even the pate-de-verre work from the Daum studio run by Almeric Walter between 1906 and 1914 was always signed 'Daum Nancy'. But there were exceptions.

Below are three known examples of Daum candle lamps.  Please let me know if you have any information related to them including:
Daum catalog references, date of manufacture, and of course, any other examples.

Please feel free to provide this link to any of your fellow collectors, dealers, or any museums who may be able to assist.

Daum Candle Lamp 1

Both shade and base are decorated with winter scene.  Bottom of base is signed "Daum Nancy" with Cross of Loraine trademark.  Shade is unmarked.

Daum Candle Lamp 2

Shade is decorated with cameo sailboat scene. Shade is signed "Daum Nancy" with Cross of Loraine trademark.  Base is unmarked and appears to be undecorated "blank" matching the shade.

Daum Candle Lamp 3

Both the shade and base are decorated with rural countryside scene.  The shade and base are signed "Daum Nancy" with Cross of Loraine trademark. The signature on the base include an unusual "hp" (?) mark.