Vallerysthal Glass

The Vallerystahl Glass factory with plants in both Vallerystahl and Porteaux France has long history of glassmaking.  The company was established on November 4, 1838, as "Val de Vallery" (in German it is Vallerystahl).

In 1841 the company employed 251 workers. In the early 20th century, there were more than 1,225 employees working seven glass furnaces.

In 1870 Vallerystahl acquired the Porteaux glass company in Porteaux, France and together they formed one of the largest glass factories in Europe producing 55,000 pieces a day!

After the World War I, the plant began a steady decline. The depression of 1929 brought periods of unemployment and strikes.  By 1931, there are only 950 workers and by 1950, only 480 workers remained. Finally, the factory closed its doors in 1977 with only 130 dedicated employees remaining.

Ultimately, Vallerystahl Porteaux was purchased by the Niderviller Pottery and Porcelain factory.  The only thing that remains of the glass house is a small factory shop with 12 employees where there are demonstrations of glass manufacturing.

With that little bit of history, let us look at a small portion of the company catalogs, reported to be c.1896-1907

The following include known examples and sketches directly from the Vallerystahl Glass catalogs.