Harrachov Glassworks

Erlaucht Count Harrachov Chicago Exposition 1893

Harrachov Glassworks was founded in 1712 and is the second oldest glassworks in the Czech Republic and is still in operation. The glass works is located near the northern border of the Czech Republic.

The Harrachov Glassworks was owned by the noble Harrach family until 1946. It was then taken by the state, which sold it to a private owner in 1993. Today, the glassworks complex includes a museum of glass and a small brewery.

There have only been a few fairy lamps directly attributable to the Harrachov Glassworks.  Positive attribution was gained by the presence of the Harrach "three plume" trademark which was derived from the Harrach family coat of arms.  However, many more candle lamps are recorded in the Harrach design books.

Portion of Harrach Family Crest

The following include known examples and sketches directly from the Harrach design books.

Clarke Lamp Cup probably not original

Harrach stamped logo only, no design numbers.

Missing lamp cup

Harrach logo and pattern/design numbers.

Following examples are from the Harrach Design Book, courtesy Brian Severn.